The Brat Prince and the Royal Retainers can be found all over the internet! Most prominently, however, our antics can be found on Youtube!

Whether it's learning how to cook chocolates for your true love or hearing some of the best Alvin and the Chipmunks fanfiction on Wattpad, Brat Prince Productions has got you covered!

Check out the links to our Cast and Youtube channel, as well as read about some of our favorite videos!

Our Favorite Video Picks!

"Killer Meals with Katsuki -  Katsucurry"

I gotta say my favorite video is the first Killer Meals with Katsuki video, where he cooks katsu curry. It gives me a nice hit of nostalgia, and is definitely one of the videos I was editing where I found myself going: "oh yeah, this is gonna be big"!

Mikael, Editor

"Hero Paparazzi - BNHA CMV"

This is one of my favorite videos because not only do I just really love music, I got the chance to let loose and do some fun acting. Plus, I just look hot as hell as Katsuki in it.

Anthea, Royal Retainer, Actor

"The Brat Prince Reads : Alvin x Levi "

I love voice acting and reading silly things. This was an easy video to make since I didn't have to write out a script like I do all my other videos. Plus, I got to supply artwork to the LeviAlvin fans out there! Alvin x Levi IS Live Laugh Love! 

Aclairic, The Brat Prince