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When it comes to education, Constell Academy is the world's best-kept secret.

Founded in the year 1789 by modern philosopher Lux Constellatio, Constell Academy strove to provide an education for anyone who sought knowledge, regardless of class or creed.

The Admissions Exam is far from ordinary. Covering a wide range of subjects from Mathematics to the Metaphysical, the examination seeks not to amass a perfect score from the willing student, but to know what the student has sought out during the course of their life. Whether they show an aptitude for book learning, or are knowledgable about the "unknown", Constell Academy narrows it down.


Constell Academy's students are known as "Acolytes" until their graduation, to which they then become 'scholars'. There are various tests to earn honors and titles during the couse of their schooling, such as 'Prefect'. The most coveted title, however, is 'Star Pupil'.

There is only ever one 'Star Pupil' during the school year. The title is passed along at the start of every year, once the final exams have been taken. What determines who is Star Pupil is a combination of academic excellence, activism within the school community, and extracurricular activities. It is not based on stellar marks alone! Constell Academy's ideal student is not only brilliant, but curious, driven, and goal-oriented.



Constell Academy's motto is 'sic itur ad astra', a quote from the philosopher Virgil. It means, "Such is the pathway to the stars". The road to greatness is unpredicable, but that doesn't mean it should be impossible, or unattainable. Knowledge is the key to all, and Constell Academy wishes to extend their journey to the stars to any who will take it.

Become an Acolyte with Constell Academy today, and remember: 'Sic itur ad astra'!


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